Parents often try to introduce various things to children at a young age to help develop their creativity and understanding of how things work. The most common toys or instruments given to children are music-related.

While there are toys which are designed to allow children to play instruments, some parents give their children real instruments they can learn.

The most popular of these instruments is the harmonica. However, if you are indeed considering getting a child a harmonica, there are a few things you need to remember before doing so.

1.   While children would love harmonicas, it is important to consider the age of the child you are giving the gift to. It is best to give it to a child if you can help them learn to play it as they need to be closely supervised on how to play the harmonica.

2.  Teach your children to play the harmonica with a clean mouth. Make sure they are not eating anything as cleaning the harmonica of crumbs can be very difficult. Others will also be able to use the harmonica after your child because they won’t have to clean the harmonica before using it.

3.  Do not buy a poor quality harmonica for your child. Children can get easily frustrated if the harmonica you give them does not work. Get a decent starter instrument for your child.

4.  Consider giving your child a chromatic harmonica as this is a good beginner’s harmonica for children. Giving them a chromatic harmonica will also assist you in purchasing advanced harmonicas as your child gets older.

5.  Give them a harmonica which plays in the Key of C. Doing this will help them play simple tunes easily. They will not become frustrated easily as to which reed holes to blow first. They also do not need to deal with learning sheet music and can just learn to play by ear.

6.  Harmonicas are good for children who have respiratory problems because harmonica playing is actually a good breathing exercise tool. Several medical studies proved that playing a harmonica is good treatment for those who need to build up their lung capacity. However, before you give one to a child, it is best you ask the pediatrician for approval.

7.  Monitor and guide your children as they play. Children may get frustrated learning the harmonica, but if they are monitored by their parents and taught properly, the child will greatly enjoy playing and learning.

If you are purchasing a harmonica for your child or give one to a child, here are some of the best harmonicas for children in the market.

Swan’s HDE Silver Swan Diatonic 10 Hole Key of C Blues Harmonica

This harmonica produces a sound that is very beautiful to the ears. It will help you play blues like a pro. It comes with durable metal plates with a rigid plastic comb for easy playing and a 3-octave scale that would blow your listeners away.

 Yodel Baby Child Beginners Girl’s Pink Toy 10 Tremolo Hole Harmonica C Polyphony Tone Harmonica Blues

For girls, anything pink is interesting. If they are musically inclined, this harmonica will suit them very well. This harmonica is made with high-security plastic and stainless steel that will be safe to use and remain durable no matter how much your child uses it. Children aged 1 and up will love this harmonica.

Melissa and Doug Harmonica

Known for creating quality toys for children, Melissa and Doug also offer a harmonica that will help nurture your child’s creativity and imagination. Your child will not need to exert effort to make music because this instrument is designed to play beautiful music with just one blow. It is also perfect for any musical occasion your child could want to bring it to.

Hohner Kids Clearly Colorful Translucent Harmonica

Hohner is known for crafting some of the best musical instruments in the world. This very child-friendly harmonica has many colors and still plays like a regular Hohner. It plays in the key of C and is made with plastic components.