If you are often on the road, it is important that your preferred music instrument is easy to carry and store. You should also be able to protect the instrument as you move, protecting it from any damage.

If you have a 10-hole diatonic harmonica, why don’t you check out the Hohner Zippered Harmonica Case?


Harmonica cases are important accessories that must not be forgotten by any harmonica player. This offering from Hohner is very good because of its various features to help harmonica players who are on the go. Here are the unique features of the Hohner Zippered Harmonica Case:

  • This soft case can fit your pants pocket in ease.
  • The case can protect the harmonica from dust and moisture
  • It comes with a custom zipper pull which allows an extra space for a key label secure zipper closure and belt loop.
  • You can use this for most 10-hole diatonic harmonicas regardless of the brand.


Even cases are varied when it comes to the quality of its make and how well it can protect what is in it. Here are the reviews of current users or buyers of the Hohner Zippered Harmonica Case so you can see how well they saw its performance.


Users commented that this product did not conform to the product description, especially its dimensions. One user commented that the page is very vague when it said it fits “most” harmonicas and when they purchased it, they found out that it is very small for the harmonica they own. The interiors, they commented, were also very tight.

Some users have also commented that the materials used for this casing are very cheap, especially the zippers. Because of this cheap quality, they commented it might break apart immediately. Another noted that this harmonica case is not that special since harmonicas tend to come with a case.


Other users have been satisfied with this harmonica because they were able to fit their harmonica in this case even if they had a different brand.

The construction of the harmonica is very good as it is made from good quality material and the zippers work well. Reviewers loved the fact the gripper ensures that the zipper is be easy to use.

Once it is placed inside, the harmonica is very snug and does not fall out at all thanks to the inner padding inside the harmonica. Reviewers loved the fact this case is also very good to protect their harmonicas from dust and damage while they put it in their pockets for travel.

One said that even if they sat on it, the case and the harmonica were still ok. He also remarked this case might even be almost bulletproof.

Users also said that it is very comfortable to put in their pockets thanks to the material used for the casing. It is also not very bulky in their pockets, which is a big plus factor for users.

Others also reported that it is a very beautiful case which fits well with the harmonica. One user said that they like the feel of the case as they touched it.

Some users also said that this harmonica case has an elastic band that helps them put the case on a belt or strap, adding more options for how this harmonica case can be brought around by users.

Some were very thankful they no longer have to worry about lint getting inside the harmonica, which would happen if they placed it in their pocketswithout a case.

Users also said that they would recommend this harmonica case to others thanks to its quality. Another user said that it is very cheap despite its benefits, which is a big plus for those who bought this casing as a gift for their love ones.


It is not enough for music players to clean their instruments as it is important that they also have a carrying case to keep it away from the elements and keep it secured while traveling. With the Hohner Zippered Harmonica Case, you can be assured that your harmonica will be safe no matter what brand it is and you can easily bring your harmonica everywhere.