Blues and rock can be played on any instrument, even harmonicas. Harmonicas can be tuned to be able to play various types of musical styles with ease.

If you are looking to move to the next step with harmonica playing and get a harmonica that will help you play your preferred musical styles, check out the Lee Oskar Harmonica Key of C, Major Diatonic.


Tuning is important in harmonicas, but it can become difficult if the harmonica cannot deliver the correct notes.

The makers of the Major Diatonic promise that this harmonica from Lee Oskar is a harmonica to purchase. Here are the specifications of the Lee Oskar Harmonica, Key of C, Major Diatonic:

  • This harmonica has a plastic comb with large holes which allows users to play it easily.
  • It comes with an air tight design, responsive reeds and a louder sound, making it a harmonica with many good qualities.
  • Users can also replace the reed plates at half the cost if they need to replace it.
  • This harmonica is under the orange label, Major Diatonic 1910-C.


Lee Oskar is a brand that you can’t go wrong with when it comes to harmonicas. However, it there is a question of whether the Major Diatonic proves that this brand continues to create quality harmonicas in the market.

Check out the reviews of current and previous users, as well as those who purchased this brand for others, as to how well the Lee Oskar Harmonica Major Diatonic performed.


Some users remarked that the quality of the Lee Oskar Harmonica has already dropped based on the flaws they noted in this instrument. One user remarked that this harmonica had smaller resonance chambers. This suggests that the company is trying to save on the metal used for the harmonica, which reduces the quality of the sound it produces.

Some users reported that this harmonica does not have a long playing life because one noticed that after three months of using the harmonica, the sound started to dull and it stopped playing anything at all. When they checked it out, the user said the reeds were already too dull. After replacing it, they noted the sound was no longer the same.

There were also complaints from some users who said that the harmonica produces an awful squealing sound when they try to overblow it.

Some users found it difficult to play because their mustache whiskers would get caught in the cover design of this harmonica. Some also reported faults in some of the reef holes of this harmonica.


For other users, Lee Oskar still knows how to make the best harmonicas in the world. They cited that the harmonica is well-designed and very sleek, making it feel like it is a quality harmonica despite the price.

One user also commented that the harmonica feels like it is made from quality materials and assembled with care. Users have also found this harmonica to be very stable despite its simple features because the size and structure ensures that it stays firm in their hands as they play.

The plastic comb included in this harmonica is very comfortable to use, making it an easy instrument to play. The sound it makes, according to users, is very warm and vibrating.

It is also very loud, like the Hohner Special 20 Key of C, which is good for performances.

Some users also said that getting this Lee Oskar Harmonica would help other users learn how to bend notes properly and understand where they should bend tunes. Users also said that one should not be put off with the price of this harmonica because this is great for learning to play the harmonica.

It is also not very expensive to get this harmonica fixed or cleaned. The replacement reeds are also accessible which makes it easier to fix their harmonicas if their harmonicas malfunction.

Users also recommend this to beginners given all the benefits it provides users. Some advanced users even said that they have had this harmonica for a long time, which talks positively about its durability.

One even remarked that the durability of this harmonica is possible since the harmonica is well-sealed and has the same thickness and hole spacing as other quality harmonicas.


Lee Oskar is considered to be one of the best harmonica brands in the world, and harmonicas such as this Major Diatonic series will deliver results with ease.

For this harmonica model, the Major Diatonic promises a high-quality harmonica will would produce the best blues, rock, country folk and jazz music that you have ever heard played in a harmonica. It is an investment you would want to make.