Harmonicas are usually tuned to a specific key which means you can’t play tunes in a different key. You may have to purchase another harmonica to get that other key which may cost you a lot of money.

However, if you are looking for a harmonica pack that will help you get the other keys and not cost a lot of money, check out the Hohner 3P1501BX Bluesband Harmonica, Pro Pack.


If you want to play various keys and not buy individually, you have to get a value pack that contains everything you need at an affordable price. Here are some of the things you will receive if you buy yourself a Hohner 3P1501BX Bluesband Harmonica, Pro Pack:

  • Each pack will have three harmonicas for the keys of G, A and C
  • All three have molded plastic bodies, enabling users to play it without problems.
  • It also has stainless steel covers with the label of the harmonica on top.
  • This harmonica’s reeds are made from brass


Before you purchase this package, you need to know if this harmonica set will indeed be a good buy. Here are some reviews by people who have bought the Hohner 3P1501BX Bluesband Harmonica Pro Pack, so you can see how well it performed for them.


Some users have several complaints about this harmonica set which affected their feedback for the product. Some users said that the assembly of the harmonicas in the pack was not properly done as there were defective holes in them, preventing them from producing any sound or producing a high pitch or off-key note.

One reviewer reported that half of the reeds in his harmonica did not make any sound at all except for the sound one makes when blowing air into them. Another said that one of his harmonicas works, but the other two do not. They recommended that others get a better harmonica for a similar price.


On the other hand, other users said that this is a good beginner’s harmonica set. Satisfied users have stressed that this harmonica is well-made and they did not see any flaws in the harmonicas’ functions.

Several reviewers said that the harmonicas are very solid to use and each harmonica worked perfectly. Users said that they found it very easy to bend notes with this harmonica and learn how to play each each.

It is also very comfortable to the lips, ensuring that users can play this without problems. The harmonica also sounded great and not off-key.

The customer service is also good, and when one buyer asked for a replacement they received a replacement almost immediately. They also love the fact that this set comes with free lessons which can be accessed online, allowing the users to train with the harmonicas and learn how to properly use them.

Since the harmonicas come in a set, many users said that the price of this harmonica set is very good. They also recommend it for any age level and any music level. Users also love the fact that this harmonica set is very cheap and performs brilliantly despite this price.

Bottom Line

When it comes to playing blues, rock, country, and folk, you have to have the right tools for the job. When it comes to harmonicas, you have to have the right harmonicas in different keys to play these three music styles.

The Hohner 3P1501BX Bluesband Harmonica, Pro Pack, Keys of C, G and A Major will help you do just that without having to shell out money on getting individual harmonicas.