When you want to play the blues, rock, country and folk for the first time, you need to get a harmonica that is properly tuned so you can play in the prominent key for each music type. If you are looking for a good harmonica in the key of C, Hohner 1501BX Blues Band could be the harmonica for you.


Want an affordable and classic instrument to play your favorite music? The Hohner 1501BX Blues Harmonica has everything you may need. Here is the list of specifications you will get if you purchase your very own Hohner 1501BX Blues Harmonica:

  • Comes with solid brass reed plates.
  • Has a stainless steel coverplate and a plastic body.
  • Free online lessons are also available for this harmonica for beginner users.


From the descriptions, some may say this harmonica is too simple and as such, some may question whether or not it’s worth getting a Hohner. However, there is also some possibility others would contradict this notion and say that buying one is a good idea. Here are some reviews from current and past owners of the Hohner 1501BX Blues Harmonica so you can see what they have to say about their experiences:


Users have cited that the 1501BX has several flaws making them reluctant to recommend it to the others. Some users reported that it is poorly assembled as some of the reeds would not play at all and if they did, they took a lot of effort to be played properly. If they did play, it would produce an off-key or flat sound that meant it sounded out of tune.

Some even found it very difficult to play this harmonica due to the inaccuracies of the reeds. The poor assembly also affected the quality and durability of this instrument because some said that the harmonica broke almost immediately after they used it. They also reported air gaps in the harmonica, affecting the quality of the usability of this harmonica.

There were also users who said that this is a very small harmonica which is not good for adult users and even children. Users said that this harmonica is good as a child’s toy rather than a serious harmonica for beginners given its various flaws.

Some of the satisfied users did say that this is not a good harmonica to use for a long time if one is already proficient in playing a harmonica. One user remarked that when they moved to another harmonica which was premium quality, the 1501BX sounded off-key in comparison.


On the other hand, some users said that this is the harmonica to buy because of its quality, value and price.

In terms of its quality and assembly, users said that they were impressed with its build. It felt like the Hohner Special 20 in terms of how it felt like in the hand and the parts are similar since it comes with a black plastic comb, stainless steel covers and brass reed plates.

The sound is also very good and sounded like the Hohner 20 Special or a quality harmonica that would be worth more than the actual harmonica. Some also added that it is very versatile, allowing users to play blues, rock and folk if one is already starting to get used to it.

Others even said that they were able to experiment with this harmonica like any other harmonica. The beginners also said that they like the fact the reeds are numbered so they know which part they need to play and it has an instructions guide for maintenance and learning hot to play chords.

Some even said that the instructions online were also important because they were able to learn a lot about their Hohner harmonica. They also love the fact that it is compact and easy to carry thanks to the case that comes with it.

Buyers also said that they are very happy that it is very cheap and that the people they bought the harmonica for said that it is good for beginners. Some parents even bought this harmonica for their children so they would be able to concentrate better and learn a new skill.

There were also some who said that even after a month of using this harmonica, they were able to play 50 songs.

Bottom Line

As one of the most notable brands of harmonicas in the market, Hohner promises that any harmonica they make is top class. For beginners, the Hohner 1501BX Blues Band Harmonica in the key of C promises to help you learn to play your favorite music pieces with ease.